"All Time Media" Marketing Coupon for your Play at Home Customer

Featured Services

Game Development

Game Development Is Primarily Left Up To The Game Manufactuer. The Kiosk Atm Coupon System Concentrates On The Reward System For The End Customer. You Can Concentrate On The Qaulity Of The Games. If You Neeed Game Development, We Can Provide Assistance.

Custom Software Development for Manufacturers

Through a secure REST API, we can help any manufacturer connect to our kiosk coupon system. We provide detailed documentation to help game manufacturers easily intergrate their software with the ATM Coupon Kiosk.

IT Consulting

Do You Want Your "Play At Home" Business To Be Successful, We Can Help You Succeed.


Security Solutions

Security is imperative to a successful business. Our system does not intergrate directly with the manufacturer system, we use a secure REST API that they can easily connect to. ATM Coupon never has access to or stores the end customers' username or password to their online account.

Database security is also important for businesses. ATM Coupon does not have any communication to the gaming manufacturer databases. Our databases have the most up to date security protection software to help secure the end users data.


Quality Solutions

The ATM Coupon Kiosk system is here to give quality marketing services. These marketing services through the kiosk coupons is designed to give an easily understandable reward system to the end customer. Ease of understanding is our goal.


User Experience

For Game Manufacturer : It is our goal to expand your customer base while giving you a secure tracking system for game usage

For Kiosk Distributor : It its our goal to give you a brand new revenue stream in a brand new multi-billion dollar industry while assuring you the tracking of each and every dollar that flows through your kiosk.

For Advertising Businesses : It is our goal to expand your reach into theh newly developing industry of "Home Game Entertainment Play". Welcome to a new multi-billion dollar business.