"All Time Media" Marketing Coupon for your Play at Home Customer

About Us

Our marketing and software development team has what it takes to make anything happen. Any challenge is accepted!

Who We Are

We are an advertising system that helps advertisers reach "at Home" game manufaturer customers.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
    • We strive for integrity at ATM Coupon. We do what we say, and say what we do. Throughout every project we maintain tight communication, so that at every step, whether you are a game manufacturer or an advertiser, you know where you stand.
  • Teamwork
    • When working with ATM Coupon, you are part of our team. We value every member of our team, no matter what job you perform, big or small. When it comes to production, it takes a cohesive and communicative team to efficiently and effectively complete a project. For each member, from the game manufacturer, to the advertiser or advertising company, to the kiosk distributer, we develop and support a system that produces a new revenue stream through our kiosk coupon system.
  • Excellence
    • We maintain excellence throughout every step of a project. No work gets moved through our production process unless it adheres to our strict quality guidelines. We look at the full scope of the marketing project in order to plan ahead and to anticipate any potential problems, so that we are ready to address them, in advance, with the proper solutions, assuring that we only offer the best of the best to our clients.
  • Results
    • The bottom-line, None of the other values matter unless they are geared towards a set of achievable results for each participating partner in the ATM Kiosk Coupon System. Here at ATM Coupon, we make sure that we deliver those results each and every time. We ensure the success of our projects by setting attainable goals and milestones, with each one moving us closer towards the completion of a successful kiosk coupon products.

Why Choose Us


Our team will do what it takes to get your marketing project done. Our Coupon marketing system is designed to get maximum profits for our distributors, game manufacturers and advertisers.


Our team has everything that a game manufacturer needs to explode revenue. Our team also helps distributors deploy and track their kiosks so they know each end customers' movement and dollar play.

Customer Satisfaction

Our main goal is to keep the end customer 100% satisfied. Our success as a team is directly related to our partners and their customers. Our team maintains open lines of communication to keep the end customer happy. We maintain dedication to the success of our coupon marketing kiosk system.